Christine Ford Brett Kavanaugh
Calmly talks for four hours about the specific details of her sexual assault and about being harassed and receiving death threats after coming forward. Screams at the panel during his entire opening statement; fake cries numerous times during first 20 minutes of hearing, pauses dramatically to fight back tears at various points, including while reviewing his 1982 summer calendar.
Discusses decades of PTSD and anxiety symptoms resulting from her sexual assault. Is incensed about how hard the past 10 days have been for him.
Is courteous to every single person who asks her a question, including those interrupting her statements. Interrupts every single person asking him questions he doesn’t like; refuses to answer said questions; explains how much he likes beer and how much he worked out in high school instead.
Says she fully supports an FBI investigation, even though she realizes the conclusion may not be favorable to her case. Refuses to call for an FBI investigation, refuses to answer a single question about it from at least five different Senators.
Has willingly taken a lie-detector test. Refuses to take a lie-detector test, mansplains to Sen. Harris on how unreliable these tests are.
Says she is 100% certain Kavanaugh and Judge assaulted her; will never be able to forget them laughing at her and enjoying themselves while one of them was lying on top of her. Says the assault couldn’t have happened because he thinks the party was on a weekend, and he recalls being away during most summer 1982 weekends. Also, he’s a Christian and has many female friends.
Has her integrity and credibility questioned by Republican Senators. Has same Republican Senators throw tantrums about how unfair everyone has been to him and how hard life must be for him these days.
Reveals poise and temperament of a true hero and leader. Reveals temperament completely unsuitable for a judge, let alone a Supreme Court Justice, and way more reminiscent of a spoiled toddler, who was just told ‘no’ for the first time; shows tendency to hold personal grudges, propagate conspiracy theories.