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She Can Do It! is run by two longtime DC-based friends and lifelong unrepentant feminists, Maria and Antara. For years, we believed that we were engaging adequately with issues that we cared about, including women’s rights and gender equality. We diligently kept up with relevant news and views. We donated to visible organizations and signed petitions. We expressed casual outrage to friendly audiences. We sparred with the stubborn naysayers in our social circles who tried to cast their own special brand of gloom on our spirited venting. And of course, we emoji-bonded over like-minded friends’ social media posts.

Then November 2016 happened. Like many others around us and across the country, we felt that we were not doing enough – or perhaps anything at all – to participate actively in causes that we cared about. We decided that it was time to take our conversations about women-related issues – rights, empowerment, safety, health, representation, and so on – out of our crowded personal social media accounts and do something that was more directed, focused and specific.

She Can Do It!  is a forum that is dedicated primarily to women-centric matters. But we also care about many other issues (e.g., rights of immigrants, LGBT rights, racial discrimination, environment and climate policy, the struggle for D.C. statehood), and they also occasionally find their way into this space. We expect that this effort will push us to stay proactively informed and educated on a wide range of matters, and will allow us to share what we learn with a wider audience. We want this to be an outlet for expression, not just for ourselves but for anyone else who may want to use this platform for a similar purpose. We also want to be more engaged in our community and feature our experiences and interactions with local activists, events and organizations in this forum.

In the News provides short summaries of  news that pique our interest. Deeper Digs contains longer opinion or research pieces from us or our guest writers. DC Scene features descriptions of local events, activism, volunteering opportunities and organizations from around the District.

An effort such as this would not be much fun without active participation from others. So what can you do?

  • Visit us, and comment on and share  our posts. Contribute –  either by directing us to stories that we should feature here, or by sending us your own writing on issues that you care about.
  • Tell us what we are missing because we want to know, we want to learn and we want to be inclusive.
  • Alert us to activism and volunteering opportunities related to women’s issues, gender equality or other great causes in DC or in other cities. Or, write about your own experiences so we can post them here.
  • Tell your friends about us and have them participate in this effort too.

You can follow us on Twitter here, on Facebook here, or contact us through the site with your ideas and comments.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the authors and do not reflect the views and opinions of their employers or any organizations with which the authors are or have previously been associated.

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