The local elections coming up on Nov. 7th in Virginia provide a key opportunity to flip the state blue, with all 100 seats in the state’s House of Delegates (the lower chamber of the state’s legislature) up for election in nine days. Some incredible progressive female candidates are running for Delegates in the upcoming election. Three of them – Elizabeth Guzman, Hala Ayala and Jennifer Carroll Foy – are all running for seats in Prince William County. Please read on for some details on each candidate.

Virginia residents – please go out and vote on November 7th. To find out more details on where to vote, or to request an absentee ballot by 5pm on Oct. 31st, please visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Residents in the DC area – if you want to help with canvassing, you can sign-up to volunteer here or visit the individual candidate websites below to register as a volunteer for one of their campaigns over the next nine days.

Everyone else who is interested in helping out, please visit the individual candidate websites to donate to their campaigns, and/or spread the word on social media by sharing the candidates’ stories.


Elizabeth Guzman: Running for Delegate for the 31st District of Virginia

Elizabeth Guzman is a social worker in Alexandria, VA. She is an immigrant from Peru and a single mother who worked three jobs to pay her way through college and graduate school. A few of the many issues Elizabeth is passionate about include early childhood education programs, smaller class sizes, affordable healthcare and lower healthcare costs for families

To learn more about Elizabeth Guzman’s campaign, go to the campaign’s Facebook page or to her campaign page where you can also make a donation.


Hala Ayala: Running for Delegate for the 51st District of Virginia

Hala Ayala is the founder and former president of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women. Ayala also serves on Governor McAuliffe’s Council on Women. Among other things, Ayala’s platform includes a Medicare expansion in Virginia, opposition to the repeal of Obamacare, reducing overcrowding in classrooms, fighting for women’s health care and access to birth control, championing paid family leave and standing up for equal pay at work.

To learn more about Hala Ayala’s campaign, to register to volunteer or to donate, visit Ayala’s campaign page or her campaign’s Facebook page.

For some additional information, check out the following Elle article about Ayala


Jennifer Carroll Foy: Running for Delegate for the 2nd District of Virginia

Jennifer Foy is a public defender who believes in expanding Medicaid, increasing teachers’ pay and reducing classroom sizes, protecting Planned Parenthood funding and women’s access to birth control, fighting for criminal justice reform and supporting renewable energy, among other things.

The Facebook page and the official webpage of Jennifer Carroll Foy’s campaign contains more details about her platform and ways to volunteer and donate.

For a more in-depth look at Jennifer Carroll Foy’s work and campaign, see the following Nation article.