This post is by my friend Aditi. Aditi is part of a group of women in DC who are strong advocates for sound environmental and climate change policy. She made a video to express their commitment to the People’s Climate March in DC on April 29. Here is what she had to say.

It’s been less than a 100 days since Trump became president, and I already feel a little protested out. There is a Tax March coming up in two days, there is a Scientists’ March later in the month, and then on April 29th is the People’s Climate March. While I will probably will not be marching for tax or science (no offense to tax justice aficionados and geeky scientists), I definitely plan to be on the streets of DC on April 29th with family, friends and banners in tow. For many of us who were part of the historic Women’s March on DC, the climate march is an opportunity for us to once again raise our collective voices as women (sans the pink pointy woolen hats perhaps) and march for our families, our communities and our planet. Come march with us! Find out more about the march here.