Came across a heartwarming story today about Mélanie Ségard, a 21 year old French woman with Down syndrome, who had always wanted to present the weather on TV.

Perhaps that seemed like an impossible dream to many – after all, Mélanie could not read or write. “But her lifelong wish was picked up by Unapei, a French nonprofit that advocates for “an inclusive and supportive society.” In late February, the group launched a Facebook campaign in French titled “Mélanie peut le faire” — “Mélanie can do it” — that outlined her goal in the simplest terms. “Hi everyone, my name is Mélanie,” the group wrote on Ségard’s behalf on Feb. 27. “And my dream is to present the weather.””

Mélanie wanted 100,000 supporters. Within days, she had more than 200,000.

She had invitations from not just one, but two, networks to come on and do the weather for them. She chose one, and trained for four days with its weather team. And for moral support, she had her older brother, Cyril, who gave her just one piece of advice: “Imagine you’re alone at home doing the weather. Have fun.”

And then she did it!


Check out the Facebook page for Mélanie to learn more about her.